Bespoke TV lift cabinet for end of the bed

Having a hand-made TV lift cabinet in your home is the ultimate in bespoke luxury – so why not take that indulgence a step further by placing a gorgeous, handmade TV stand at the foot of your bed?

Cabinet Tronix is a leading US manufacturer of the finest pop-up TV stands, and their specialist team of craftsmen can create tailor-made units which sit perfectly at the end of any bed. With a range of models and designer finishes to choose from, Cabinet Tronix can help give any bedroom that touch of A-list luxury that takes it from drab to fab.

A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that an overwhelming 71% of Americans have a TV in their bedroom – but many of them are wall-mounted or positioned precariously on dressers or other stands. The end-of-bed TV lift units at Cabinet Tronix are specifically crafted to store flat-screen televisions safely and securely, while also complementing the existing interior beautifully. With so many people choosing to bring a TV into their bedroom, why not ensure it is positioned perfectly, with a unit built to your specifications?