Seeing a TV lift cabinet in a showroom is one thing – seeing them in place within a family home, a boardroom, a hotel or a holiday home is another. We’ve put together a comprehensive gallery of images that our customers have sent to us, so that you can see our pop-up TV cabinets in an actual room setting. Okay our clients are not all professional photographers but they all loved the end result enough time to send us their photos.

Whether you’re looking for design ideas, contemplating where to put the TV cabinet in your home, or simply seeing what your chosen designer finish looks like in aa actual room setting, our gallery has the image you’re looking for. Choose from one of our many categories and start exploring. See how other people have designed their cabinets, see what they look like positioned against the wall or taking pride of place in the center of a space and behind a sofa.

All images come with information about the particular model– so if you see a TV lift cabinet that catches your eye, you can note the details and replicate it perfectly for your own home with our custom cabinet options.

Whether you’re admiring a Chateau TV lift cabinet in a family living space, or marveling at the splendor of the Rosela cabinet, or standing proudly within the Bellagio, start exploring our wonderful gallery today!

See Bedroom Examples

55 inch TV in bedroom rises out of contemporary Le Bloc

See Behind Examples

Studio modern piece sets behind couch with TV in up position

See By Window Examples

Titan with large TV lifted up out of the furniture

See Center of Room Examples

Lexus takes luxury to another level in there showrooms with Cabinet Tronix

See Other Lift Furniture Examples

Cabinet Tronix Speakeasy Poker Table with hidden bar lift

See End of Bed Examples

Florence which has a swivel

See Hotel Examples

Aqualina Hotel has TV pop up to watch from many areas

See Large Flat Screen Examples

Vineyard large screen automated furniture

See Living Room Examples

French provential furniture with TV lift kit by Cabinet Tronix

See Sound Bar & hidden TV Examples

TV lift cabinet with Sonos Playbar sound bar