TV lifts inside our furniture are made in America and are covered with a 10 year, full-replacement warranty.

They are fast, quiet, safe and extremely reliable. We have used our current lift system for 7 years.

The TV lift mechanism in Cabinet Tronix furniture was chosen following an extensive, years-long search to find the smoothest operating, most durable and safest lift system available. After using the lift in hundreds of cabinets over the last 7 years, we can say it is “flawless”.

Our lifts’ quiet, smooth operation is helped by a soft start and stop feature that avoids jolts to your TV screen. Special stabilizers on our lift columns keep traveling speeds constant and provide a study lift for any size TV.

We’ve incorporated sensors and safety programming into our furniture that cause the lift to come to a stop when it detects potential collisions. Our manual swivel has an electronic safety feature that stops rotation at 180 degrees so wires do not tangle and which prevents the lift column from retracting unless back at its original home position.

Your unit’s radio frequency, infrared or contact closure is included in the base price of your unit, unlike other suppliers who charge up to $500 for these controls.

Importantly, the solution we’ve chosen is made in America and comes with the longest and most extensive warranty on the market – 10 years full replacement. See warranty details.

Here are some additional important details about the TV lift mechanism kits that help hide your flat screen.

  1. Our lifts do not slow down at all in operating speed regardless of there being zero weight or full weight they will travel the same speed always.
  2. Very study smooth TV Lift operation regardless of TV size as we have special methods of stabilizing the lifting columns from various locations inside the furniture cavity.
  3. Wires are neatly tucked away in provided wire wraps.
  4. Our lifts include either the RF, IR or contact closure in the price versus other companies who charge up to and over $500 for these
  5. With considerations to the manual 360 swivel that is also an electronically connected safety feature, the rotation stops at 180 degrees in each direction so wires do not have the ability to tangle and the lift will not go down unless it is back at its original home position it traveled up in.
  6. Our lifts have very specific safety programming and mechanical sensors to ensure safe operation. Our collision detection is very sensitive and will stop and back up in order to ensure no damage is ever done to anyone/anything associated with the lift if the worst case scenario was ever to arise, we also pair this with a breakaway attachment of the systems lid/top to ensure there is no pinch point at all (everything to set this up is included).
  7. Our lifts all use a soft start and soft stop feature for smooth engagement when starting and stopping their motion either up or down which provides long gear life, smooth motion with no jolts or abrupt halts.
  8. Our lifts are over-engineered and built to be reliable and quiet for many years to come, they have been tested tried and true and the quality speaks for itself.
  9. To top that all off, we offer the longest and most extensive warranty of any lift manufacturer on the market – 10 years full replacement.

TV Lift Specifications

  • 100-130 lbs. total TV lift capacity depending on size TV client needs
  • No exposed tracks, gears or scissors
  • UL recognized
  • 5-10 year tv lift warranty depending on type of use
  • Draws 3.5Amps @ 110V and 1.75 Amps @ 220V at max thru:
  • Speed 1.7″ / sec. (only 15 sec. to fully raise)
  • Quiet – runs at just 45 dB
  • Chain-driven mechanism
  • Steel construction
  • Your choice of RF remote or Control System Integration Kit
  • “Soft Start” and “Soft Stop” for smooth ride
  • Power is available in these formats
    International Power Packages