We understand that nothing is more important than the safety of your family.

Most other TV Lift Systems on the market today use some form of rack and pinion technology, which means they have exposed tracks and gears, with dangerous “pinch points” that can cause damage to your audio/video cables or even to your fingers. Not so with Cabinet Tronix. Our systems are installed in THOUSANDS of homes all around the world, and we have taken great care to design the equipment to be very safe for our clients, their children and their pets.

Every one of our lift models comes standard with exclusive safety package, which includes:

Shielded Design
All moving parts are completely enclosed to protect fingers and cords. Also stays clean.

Swivel Cut Off
Built-in cut off: automatically prevents the lift system from lowering while the TV is swiveled.

Anti-Pinch Lid Technology
Specially designed hardware converts your cabinet lid, allowing it to “break-away” to prevent finger pinches. In order for this feature to work properly, you must NEVER use screws to attach the cabinet lid to the lift system.

Collision Detection Technology
Stops and reverses if the Lift meets significant resistance on the way up or down. Pair this feature with the Anti-Pinch Lid Technology to increase the effectiveness of the safety features.

TV Screen Locks
Custom designed to make it impossible for the TV to come off the mount until you unlock it.

UL Recognized
Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with public safety guidelines.