Each of our TV lift cabinets comes complete with a range of standard features that are included. These features are carefully selected for you to get the maximum enjoyment. We offer the largest range of standard included features in the industry and are constantly checking to be sure we’ve included everything you need to experience a taste of luxury each time you use your Cabinet-Tronix TV lift cabinet. In addition to the standard features, we offer a number of optional upgrades for you to select from:

TV Lift

US Made Telescoping lift for TV Lift Furniture We spent over a year researching TV lift systems before deciding on our current US made telescoping lift models. It is whisper quiet, smooth, durable and robust. It is offered with a 10 year full replacement warranty. Each lift is installed in your TV lift cabinet based on where you plan on placing the piece of furniture in your home. You will let us know if it will be located the foot of the bed, against the wall or freestanding;

  • Directly at the foot of the bed (At base of bed… TV comes up facing bed; component section is opposite of bed)
  • Wall position (TV comes up facing same side as component section)
  • Free Standing (TV comes up facing same side as component section)

Based on your preference, your TV lift will be installed accordingly.


Hidden component section built into TV cabinet design All furniture designs include a hidden component section*. This sits within the cabinet and will comfortably house your components and media boxes (for example DVD, Blue-Ray, Cable/satellite box). Each style will explain where this component area is located and how much space is available. The hidden component section is important to the aesthetics of the system as it means all unsightly equipment can sit inside the cabinet, allowing for a clear view of the smooth lines of your new TV lift furniture. Custom designs maybe built without a component section per client’s request. The component section will cost more to design in a few custom models. Your design consultant will advise you of this if it applies to a cabinet you select.

Wire wrap for cables

HDMI cables with web wrap 2 pre-installed premium grade HDMI cables (version 1.4) with a cable web wrap are included with each TV lift furniture system. This provides for a very professional clean and concealed look. Each cable is labeled for convenient installation and pre-installed from the TV down into the component section. If you have an Audio Video team installing a separate Universal remote these cables will not be included.

Universal TV Mount

Universal TV mount A Universal TV mount is included with every TV lift system. Half the TV mount is pre-installed on the lift and the other half is packaged, ready for installation on the TV.

angled back

TV lift access panel All furniture systems come with an access panel on the backside of the cabinet with a lock and key. This allows very easy access to the inside of the furniture lift system for cable management, future upgrades, lift adjustments and basic maintenance if necessary. There is also a 2 inch grommet hole and covering on the back side where you can run your power can cable into.

feature - Easy Height Adjuster

Easy to use height adjuster After setting TV where you like, simply plug in the height adjuster nub and you are set. If you ever change your TV in the future it is easy as 1 2 3 to change it again. This is the easiest to use height adjuster in the market.

surge protector

Power Surge Protector Power Strip Pre Installed Surge Protector Power strip is pre- installed inside the lift cavity so you can conveniently plug in all you’re A/V equipment within the cabinet.

International Power Packages

International Power Packages Appropriate controllers and power cords for your country are available. If you are installing your TV lift system in a country using 220V, 230V or 240V current, we have the appropriate controllers and power cords for you. Just let us know at the time of purchase.