360 Manual Swivel

360 Manual Swivel After the TV is elevated, the TV will be able to be manually swiveled 180 degrees in each direction allowing for 360 viewing. The swivel has an electronically connected safety feature that restricts the TV from being lowered unless it is back at its original home position. The swivel is a great option for cabinets positioned at the foot of the bed, center of the room, behind couches and in a corner. You can also use a swivel for TV Cabinets positioned against a wall and window, however the rotation will have limitations.$650

Sound Bar Bracket

Sound Bar Bracket The sound bar bracket is placed below the TV and allows for a sound bar to travel up and down with the TV. There are custom applications including but not limited to customizing furniture so the sound bar does not have to travel up and down with the TV. If you’re considering this option, please discuss what is involved and the limitations of sound bar size and space available with a Cabinet Tronix design consultant. $150 for the bracket

Back Plates

Back Plates Back plates help conceal the back of the TV and wires when the TV is elevated. These back plates are attached to the back bracket of the lift system that raises and lowers the TV. Back plates are a great option for units being placed at the foot of the bed, behind couches or room divider pieces. $250 for the set