Thank you for visiting Cabinet Tronix where we appreciate you taking your time viewing and considering purchasing our American Made TV lift kit furniture.

Cabinet Tronix has over 120 TV-lift cabinet designs-most can be delivered in 6 customized variations, in 20 different museum quality finishes and with a dozen or more optional features.

So, rather than quoting you a meaningless price, we find that it serves you best to work out your design and, then, receive an accurate quote for your new showcase furniture.

To receive an accurate delivered price on your furniture system, follow these steps:

  • FIRST, answer a few simple questions about what design would work for you at our Get Started page or give us a call at 1-866-876-6199 and one of our experts will walk you through the process.
  • SECOND, based on your answers, we’ll send you a quote via email in hours.

In a hurry?

We have set stock size pricing ready for you to view. If you simply want pricing, just email or call our team and we will send it out right away.

Brief example:

Say you want a 50-inch TV directly the foot of the bed but Cabinet Tronix stock medium size furniture is too tall and the petite size won’t hold your television. You are thinking: “I don’t want to accept a smaller TV and I don’t want to bust the budget on custom-made furniture.”

Our solution: Ditch the idea of having a component section because you’re likely not to use the DVD player in the bedroom anymore anyways. Move forward with the petite furniture height, increase width a bit without the component section, install the medium lift so you can get the 50-inch you like and only pay, for example, $450 more. Problem solved!