Thank you for visiting Cabinet Tronix where we appreciate you taking your time viewing and considering purchasing our American Made TV lift furniture.

Cabinet Tronix has over 120 TV-lift cabinet designs-most can be delivered in 6 customized variations, in 20 different museum quality finishes and with a dozen or more optional features.

All of our furniture systems are made to order and our main focus is to offer the best solution for your needs.  Rather than showing you hundreds of fixed designs that may or may not suit your needs, we focus on the design, finish and size that will work best for your environment. It’s great if you find a set design or size on our site that works for you. However at the end of the day you may save on a different size or configuration that works better. Strange as it may sound, sometimes a customized cabinet can save you money. We pride ourselves on providing quick guidance and help. Please don’t hesitate to call us.

To receive an accurate delivered price on your furniture system:

  • The best way to get what you want is to call Cabinet Tronix directly to see how your TV lift cabinet furniture size needs can best be met. During this call if you have an idea on design, size or TV size we will most likely be able to start you off with dimensions, configuration and pricing right away.  To phone: 619-422-2784
  • If you rather start by email, then please answer a few simple questions in our Get Started or Go Custom pages. We will be happy to get back with you with any additional questions we may have and possibly a starting project estimate to begin the conversation about creating the best cabinet to suit your lifestyle.