Our Mission

We are the dynamic San Diego-based company that has revolutionized TV lift cabinets over the past 13 years. One original idea still drives us today-produce high-quality, beautiful furniture that hides lifts TVs.

Customer Support

We are great listeners who get to know and care about our customers and their entertainment needs. We provide a very high-touch customer service model. Honestly, our best furniture designs have come from working with our craftsmen to overcome client’s design challenges.

But we don’t stop there-our master cabinet makers are ready to design, build and deliver. Whether it’s adapting sizes, adding features, or applying the perfect finish, we are hand-holders and build-to-order problem solvers committed to helping you get exactly what you want.


Our more than 120 inspirational entertainment cabinetry designs and styles have earned us a reputation for innovation and quality. We back it all up with the best telescoping lift system warranty in the industry.

In a nutshell, Cabinet Tronix makes showcase furniture that rises to the occasion.

Don’t take our word for it, read what others have said about us.

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