Enjoy An American-Sized Home Cinema Experience With Our TV Lift Cabinets

global-picCoca-cola, Apple Pie and the Fourth of July – some things are so American that their name alone is enough to fill your mind with visions of stars and stripes, Uncle Sam and yellow taxi cabs hustling through New York traffic.

If you want to take a slice of America home with you, or enjoy the home comforts the United States is famous for, our seriously stylish TV lift cabinets can be shipped to your door wherever you are in the world. We have been in business 10 years and in that time have shipped a huge number of cabinets to destinations around the globe. The ultimate in statement furniture, we offer a traditional and contemporary range of more than 40 designs, all of which is in stock and can be customised to suit your individual taste preference. If you have a very specific finished look in mind, why not choose from one of our 42 custom designs and control every aspect of your new piece of furniture?

Shipped to your door worldwide

For complete convenience combined with the best in designer style, our in stock TV lift cabinets are sleek, functional, robust pieces bench made and built to last by master craftsmen. Sumptuous wood finishes, a choice of reassuringly traditional or supremely modern designs and the best TV lift mechanism in the United States go into each and every cabinet. Each cabinet is finished and shipped from our California base and will be sent to you ready to work with your own local power supply. You can even specify the watts, hertz and type of plug required for your TV. This gives you total peace of mind that you can simply plug in and play when your cabinet arrives.

A statement piece or a functional addition to a great room, bedroom, lounge or study, a decade’s experience designing TV lift cabinets has made us the most trusted pop up furniture designer in the USA. Our growing international fan base is testament to our promise to deliver the best product at the best price.

Our expertise built over ten years of outfitting five star hotels, working with interior designers and the hands-on creation of completely bespoke units for home owners in every State makes us the perfect choice for making your home cinema vision a reality.

An American Style TV Lift Cabinet To Suit Every Taste

Whether you choose a traditional wood such as Mahogany or Walnut or opt for a contemporary black satin or white lacquer, the same finish continues around each curve and sinew of your design. This ensures the cabinet looks good from all angles, regardless of its location in your room. You may decide to place it up against a wall, have it installed at the foot of the bed or set it in the middle of the room as a striking centrepiece – however it is position the same attention to detail shines out.

Immaterial of the volume of your order (we supply single units to individuals every day of the week but also work on larger projects for commercial properties such as boutique hotels), we place value for money and quality of service at the forefront. Our three year international warranty is offered as standard with each order. Shipping is also quick and easy with all of the paperwork taken care of by our experienced admin team.