TV Lift Cabinets/Pop-up TV Stands for Hotels

We know that first impressions count. That's why you want the hotel you're designing, own or manage to make an instant impression on discerning guests with a choice of places to stay.

From the moment the keycard is inserted in the door until the second the do not disturb sign is removed, our TV lift cabinets are designed to enhance the ambience of your property, compliment your amenities and envelop your guests with a tangible sense of luxury.

For 10 years Cabinet Tronix has successfully worked with interior designers, audio video installers, architects and builders for hotels and homes as an all in one specialist to deliver perfectly functional, high quality furniture that stands the test of time.
hotel-circles With a decade’s hands on experience with boutique hotels and international hoteliers to our name, thousands of Cabinet Tronix custom TV lift furniture systems are helping guests enjoy a great night’s sleep and a memorable stay in each and every State.

As the most trusted name in TV lift furniture, we can design, develop and manufacture a solution that marries your commercial budget considerations and need for robust, future proof décor with our audiovisual and cabinet making expertise. For extra peace of mind, we offer a best in the market three year warranty on the cabinet coupled with a three year full replacement warranty on our US made telescopic TV lift

In recent years hotel suites, motel rooms, condo/lease and staged houses have increased their use of TV lift furniture. This commitment to convenience leaves a lasting memory of a luxurious stay where every need has been catered for. On a practical level, hiding the TV and electronics within the stylish environs of a bench made, hand crafted cabinet also helps cement your style status. With no distracting clutter or wires taking up space, the room can be lived in and enjoyed. MGM signature ordered 540 of our TV lift cabinets for these exact reasons.



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Why Choose Cabinet Tronix?

In most cases, we will build your chosen furniture and install our lift system. However, we also offer the flexibility of using our consulting services, ideal if you have a large project and want to purchase the lift from us and combine with the work of another furniture manufacturer. We can work together to design and install of the lift into your choice of furniture. Our consultancy team can also help tie everything together if you have already purchased your preferred lift system and then want to instruct our team to install your equipment in a Cabinet Tronix cabinet. Whether your order is for 10 TV lift cabinets, 100 or 1000, the choice is yours.

In a busy hotel environment, there is usually a team of people responsible for guest comfort, hotel furnishings and in-room technology. Bringing these distinct threads together to create an in-room entertainment system for each room in each building can be a major cause of tension, wasted man hours and unnecessary expense.

Our experienced hotel installations team will get right to the heart of your project, asking the necessary questions and gathering the required information direct from the source. You'll be assigned an efficient, experienced project manager who will see your TV lift furniture project and buying cycle through from beginning to end. We'll also arrange for staff training and equip your front of house teams with the knowledge needed to with troubleshooting for guests.

Questions you can expect to field include:

• Do you have a design in mind or do you want to talk about one of ours?

• Do you have an interior designer you would like us to work with?

• Where do you want to place the TV lift furniture system? Foot of bed, against a wall or center of room?

• What size TV do you plan to use or have?

• What kind of electronic components such as a Pay Per View box or DVD player will you have?

• What space restrictions do you have?

• Is there an Audio Video Integrator on the project?

• How many units are you looking for... we can meet any size needs

• When is the project due at the location?

• Where is the project?

• When can we schedule pre and post training for your team to go through usage and troubleshooting?

With an A+ on our Better Business Bureau you can be assured your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

The TV Lift Cabinets

We want our cabinets to stimulate the senses of your guests and have created three distinct, high-quality ranges that span the style spectrum. In total, there are over 25 in stock and 65 custom TV lift furniture designs to select from.

The Custom Collection is for those who demand luxury and want complete control over every facet of the design. Perfect for suites or presidential suites, these hand crafted cabinets can be made to any dimension and any style, with a choice of woods, finishes, moldings and options.

The Modern Collection, designed by tastemakers and trend setters, feature space age lacquer finishes, sleek lines and minimalist styles.

Finally, the Traditional Collection features timeless designs in a choice of classic woods.

Whichever furniture system and style you choose, each is fitted with our whisper soft TV lift system. Made in the USA, it is the result of 15 months of research and is backed by a comprehensive three year guarantee. We also offer a unique 360 degree manual swivel option which allows the TV to be rotated to a custom angle each time it pops up.

To find out more about our high quality TV lift furniture and its place in your hotel or hotel project, call us toll free 1-866-876-6199